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Be Part of the Best Online Casinos South Africa Has this Year

Having looked at the {basic blackjack strategy} concept, you now might be looking to put this into practice. Here we offer our assistance to players located in the regions of South Africa. Here we discuss the online casino options you have, guiding you to a top 10 list to play your games for free inside the best online casino.

Introducing you to the best South African casinos for 2019/2020

We formulated this online casino guide to South African casinos so that you are made aware of the options for the year ahead. The online gambling industry in South Africa is currently going through a booming stage. For an online operator, South Africa is a country on the rise following the legal allowance of online gambling.

Given the surge in popularity, comes, with any industry, bad eggs! So, to speak! Our guide will explain why we have produced a top ten list, though to put it simply, these are the best licensed online casinos you can join and they have been fully checked and are legally approved to provide their services to players within the Southern regions of Africa.

Online casino South Africa

Much has changed in the law and the prior to this, not much was available to players in South Africa. Sports betting was limited and you had the South African national lottery. legally, these were the only two options people had to pick from when it came to the opportunity of gambling. This has now changed entirely for the better. Players can now pick from thousands of online slot machines, there is access to play live table games which are hosted by real-time dealers and you will still be able to access lotto games and worldwide sporting fixtures to place your bets on.

The scale is certainly larger and your choice of operators is vast. We produced the top ten list to narrow down the choice based on strict criteria that will benefit the players that opt to join them. This came through testing the games and service ourselves and we took scores and opinion from previous and current members to get an overall picture on the site’s performances.

Trusted South African online gambling that is fully licensed

Let us explain why these top ten are so important to pay attention to and why they each merit being the best south African casino available.

To explain the reasoning behind our judgement, we have to go back to the building blocks of a casino. These online operators are overseas-based services, why overseas? Well, this is all to do with the laws of online gambling within South Africa.

Online gambling, firstly, is not banned or illegal. There are however rules which are very much the same for all other countries out there. The gambling act states that players must join overseas casinos in order to play. If a casino is registered in South Africa, it is most likely an illegal site and would not have been approved by the NGB.

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So how does this all work when it comes to playing in a casino which is overseas? Any casino must apply for a license before it can be registered. Let us take an example to explain the process. Within the top 10 online casino list, there are sites which applied to the UK Gambling Commission, they are checked and regulated, once approved the license is submitted. This casino can then approach the National Gambling Board in South Africa, they will see the casino has its license from the UK Gambling Commission and mainly because it is so well-known, it would be hard to reject. This casino will pay the NGB a fee each year that allows them to provide their content to the people based in the regions of South Africa.

The casino is now legally approved and players can join with the casino allowing payments to be made with ZAR currency and, in turn, the casino will cash out to winners ZAR money, no matter the amount.

The process of playing online is very simple, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference that the casino was based in central Europe, had you not been told. You have total security through the license being in place and safety because of the regulation factors the sites will had to adapt to, to even get as far as they have.

The only African online casinos that bring total security and 100% entertainment

We merit these as the best casinos online simply because they are using the best practices to give players the best and most-secure opportunity. With regulations in place, a snowball effect takes place. Casinos carry a weight of legitimacy and right practices; this leads to the best software developers wishing to work with them.

These developers are the ones which build the games and provide them to the casino. The more developers you have the more diverse games you get. This makes the casino more attractive and will then benefit the players. The more players you have as a casino, the more offers and bonuses you can give away and this then all comes together with increased and better service and support, more banking options appear and come the end you have a complete casino.

Each in the top 10 is of this standard and level, thusly, making the top 10 online casinos list.

Make your fortune from free South African casino games

In the list, you will find the reviews of each casino. You can read more in detail on the features and services they offer. You will have clarity over the games that are available to play, what software is used that goes into the games, protects the site and secures your banking details. Each online casino provides an exclusive welcome bonus for any new player joining. These offers are available for a limited time only, casinos variably change and remove offers depending on what hot in the market. You can claim extra ZAR to play games with, or collect a number of free spins to enjoy the biggest jackpot slots with.

By just taking a look at the list, you don’t need to commit to a site, you can browse the platform, even without being a member. We advise you see for yourself the opportunities presented and should you wish to look for a casino yourself, just remember to look for their license and details, confirm with the regulator to check it is in date and to run background checks to see the history of the company owners. We did all this to save you the time, but now you know what it takes for sites to be the best.

Enjoy and best of luck no matter what steps you take from here on in.